Thursday, May 14, 2009

Real Quick - A Film I'm Looking to See


Director/Producer Lee Daniel's (Shadowboxer, Monster's Ball) urban drama about a (developmentally disabled?) young woman trying to overcome parental abuse, rape, etc. Sheesh. Sure impressed Oprah and T.P. enough to pick it up and def. took Sundance by storm this year...looks to be one of '09's sleepers, especially T.P. knows how to leverage whatever he does . With his and Harpo's name on the piece, it's sure to get seen by a lot of eyes.

Shout out to Xosha Rocquemore (Tisch Drama '07) who appears in the trailer playing a classmate that "just wants to get her G.E.D." These Tisch drama kids are about their business. We film kids need to catch up.

Also shout out to Mariah Carey playing a not so glittery looking, raspy-sounding guidance counselor. Didn't see that "Tennessee" piece that she did, but is Mariah trying to get some performance chops?

More forthcoming.

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