Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st Ramblings.

Why not start a blog, a real one? Everyone else seems to have one. Besides, I think I'm annoying the hell out of all the people I know with my constant twittering.

So yeah. Yesterday I graduated. Today I begin a whole new journey into life: the final frontier. As such, I feel it commensurately important to go see Star Trek in Imax. Dean Campbell delivered some inspiring words for us Tischies (much appreciated when you go out into the world with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree) something by G. Bernard Shaw about jumping, taking chances, etc. It was really cool. I feel like most of the time people don't pursue what they're good at 'cause they're scared. I feel like there's a lot of societal pressure to be perfect and good as an artist, especially in movies, as everything always ends up being presented in this tight little package. Still, people have no idea how much goes into making these things and that it's not the contribution or genius of any one person that makes things work, but rather the collaboration of a team and the fluid, willing exchange of ideas between the people in it.

On another note:

I need a home office, or something like one. I have been up since 5:21 A.M. and have not gotten a damn thing done. Part of the reason I think is that I have this bloody laptop, my macbook pro super-steam engine, sitting on this desk with other things that distract me from my focus. To the left--raisins. To the right, just...a bunch of junk. But I'm a messy guy and I can't help it. Whenever I start writing, which I often do--as with this bloody feature that I'm trying to finish a draft of, once I get blocked, which happens often, I immediately start looking for something else to's like I'm trying to escape from the task at hand. Distractions. That's probably what I should call this blog.

Other things:

Trying to get locations for Nyle's vid. Got some cool spots I've seen, so far. Need to get some more things rolling, though. We're supposed to shoot in a month and this concept I've got is a bit ambitious.

I wanna shoot here:

I don't know, we'll see. These people have been a bit evasive so far, but you gotta try untiil you just get an outright "no" and always have a plan B. Kind of like pursuing a woman. Anyways, I've got about 10 other spots that I've seen, and about more that I plan to look at...but we need to have an idea by like the end of this week.

Need to have a production meeting and quick. People (including me) have been dragging their feet a bit because of graduation, but we need to kick things into high gear. I get restless when shit doesn't get done.

Speaking of shit needing to get done...I need a bloody job. I can't go back to D.C. Anything happening filmwise is out here, in NYC, or in L.A. D.C. is....just not for me anymore. Just something to sustain myself while I grind.

eh...NYU me.

Need to get moving. That was productive, though, wasn't it?

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  1. why don't you try to get a job @ ur school or that academy you were workin @ last summer and then build up your resume from gig to gig. i talked to this film guy that just works from gig to gig (he has his own bizz too, and he produces "make me a supermodel" or something, and he said he hasn't had to look for work in like 5 or 7 years; just gets referrals. but yeah... for stability's sake... something @ ur school or the like + gigs. network like a pro.

    (or maybe that was obvious and you've looked @ that route and it wasn't feasible and i'm gonna stop rambling... now)